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"Music in the Schools" Program

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With less and less music in the classroom and assembly programs being unavailable during the pandemic,

Golden Bough is dedicated to keeping music available for schools.

We offer an exciting, fun, educational and entertaining assembly program online.

Go here to view a sample of the video assembly  program:


    Specializing in the traditional folk music of Ireland and America, Golden Bough presents an educational, entertaining and FUN look at the
    music of other lands. During their music assembly program, Margie, Paul and Kathy explain and demonstrate the similarities and differences
    in the folk music of Ireland, showing how it influenced, and was absorbed into, the folk music of the United States. Students enjoy clapping and
    singing along to the songs and are encouraged to pursue the music or instrument of their choice.


    Students will be exposed to the music of Ireland, much of which was brought to the U.S. by immigrants and absorbed into our American folk
    culture. A variety of rare acoustic instruments, used in Irish and American folk music, are presented and explained. These include the better
    known; guitar, violin, mandolin, accordion, harmonica and recorder, to the more unusual; Celtic harp, penny-whistle and spoons. Brief
    descriptions and demonstrations of the instruments introduce students to the diverse and colorful world of Irish music. Explaining to the
    children that most important ingredient for having fun with music is imagination, they even perform music on a duck call and a chicken made
    from a plastic cup! Students are encouraged to pursue a musical instrument, whether simple (harmonica, penny-whistle) or more challenging
    (violin, harp, accordion). Students are further involved by joining in on a good old Irish sing-along.


          * To expose students to the music of Ireland and allow them to see and hear instruments and music they might otherwise miss.

          * To encourage students to pursue the music or instrument of their choice.

          * To recognize the importance of the contributions that the Irish people have had on the American culture.

          * To teach the students about the similarities and differences in the Irish and American folk music.

          * To involve the students in an Irish sing-along.


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